RIDE ON 75 - 550


Fast and productive, the tiny ride on scrubber dryer TSM GRANDE BRIO 75-550 competes and replaces the bulky walk-behind scrubbing machines of a large size, providing higher performances and the comfort of the ride on models.
The innovative chassis of the Grande Brio 75 scrubber, can be equipped with different scrubbing decks, which identify the machine cleaning width: 550 mm, 650 mm800 mm with disk brushes, or 620 mm with cylindrical brushes.
The GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-550 has an impressive maneuverability in the market, making it the best solution for cleaning narrow areas. Such versatile scrubber dryer is very easy to use because the console is immediate and the regulation of all functions is mechanical.
This compact ride on scrubber dryer of the Grande Brio line ensures working time up to three non-stop hours, reducing the cost of cleaning and increasing productivity.

The TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-550 scrubber dryer has been developed to meet the SMART features

• the use is very simple, the console clearly shows the combinations of operations that can be set;
• the scrubbing deck that stands out on the right side of the equipment allows the user to clean and dry along borders;
• it is extremely agile between walls and corners;
• its compactness allows to pass through traditional doors and cash counters, and to mount on standard elevators;
• the parabolic squeegee is placed behind brushes in order to provide high performances: the machine is more maneuverable and its total length is reduced;
• it has a robust steel chassis;
• the easy access to all internal components of machine make it possible to reduce maintenance cost;
• its unique design.

GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75-550 scrubber dryer is the best equipment for cleaning offices, restaurants, bars, industrial sites, schools, public buildings, airports, ports, train stations, shopping malls, logistical depots.

RIDE ON 75 - 550


550 mm

75/80 l

3000 m²/h


Brushes size 2 x 280 mm
Brush rpm 190 rpm
Brush motor power 2 x 200 W
Squeegee width 650 mm
Water lift 1590 mm H2O
Vacuum motor power (stages) 490 (3) W
Brushes pressure 20 kg
Traction motor power 450 (rear) W
Total power 1340 W
Battery charger 24V - 15A
Max battery capacity (DIN) 150(Wet) Ah/s
Batteries compartment (LxWxH) 400x420x325 mm
Maximum slope 5 %
Maximum speed 5 Km/h
Steering range 1500 mm
Noise level < 66 db (A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x780x1430 mm
Weight without batteries 153 kg
Weight with batteries 265 kg
Packaging (LxWxH) 1200x800x1590 mm