350 mm

16/18 l

1050 m²/h



35 B


The Grande Brio 35 B is the smallest professional walk behind scrubber that works with a single battery, perfect for cleaning small surfaces and replacing manual cleaning with a mop. Thanks to its compact size and the brush on the right side, you can wash and dry flawlessly under the tables and along the flush of the wall. The weight of the scrubber dryer Grande Brio 35 B is concentrated on the brush to ensure a constant washing pressure of 28Kg. The squeegee has a parabolic shape and is positioned right after the brush to ensure excellent splash-free drying, even in curves.  

Technical data


Scrubbing path mm 350

Tanks capacity l 16/18

Coverage performances m2/h 1050

Working time H 1:20

Brush siz mm 1 x 350

Rpm brushes rpm 170

Brush pressure kg 28

Brushes motor power W 1 x 250

Squeege width mm 420

Water lift mm H2O 540

Vacuum motor (stages) W 250 (2)

Traction motor power W –

Voltage V 12

Total power W 450

Integrated battery charger A/h 8

Max battery capacity (Agm) Ah/5 65 (AGM)

Maximum gradient % 2

Maximum speed Km/h –

Noise level dB(A) < 66

Machine Dimensions (Lxlxh) mm 720x490x645

Weight without battery kg 40